Letter: The circus is no place for wild animals

This month the News- Press published a story about the Ramos Bros. Circus and how it would not include animals like camels and other animals. One of the camels from last years’ show escaped from the circus causing commotion on a Glendale street. This incident prompted city officials to ask that circus owners avoid bringing animals this year.

I’m a GCC student and have always been an animal lover. Animals should not perform in the circus at all. A lot of circuses put animals through stress, torture, and abuse. Many trainers will poke, violently whip, or kick their animals. Animals should not be forced to perform against their own will for people’s entertainment. Animals are meant to be wild and free. They should be allowed to live in their natural habitat and not in some confined cage. We should not take away their freedom and allow them to experience a life in the wild. Circuses might be fun for people, but they sure are not fun for animals.

Christina Kaladjian

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