Letter: Citizen group invites new members

Government union workers demand better pay, pensions and benefits. Yet, the resources to pay for those demands come from homeowners, renters and merchants. Government workers have a union to speak for them. But, who speaks for the struggling homeowners, renters and merchants? Certainly not our elected officials who raise our electric and water rates, increase old fees and create new fees, increase taxes and issue bonds in order to pay unsustainable salaries and pensions for the unionized workforce. Is this fair?

Trade groups, chambers of commerce, and other special interest groups have not provided the needed help to Glendale citizens. The Glendale Coalition for Better Government is a new grass-roots organization formed to counterbalance these special interests that now control our local government.

A significant amount of the operational monies for Glendale Water & Power are being transferred into the pockets of the city workforce. To make up for the difference, council members increase utility rates and approve new debt in order to keep the utility company afloat and to maintain the infrastructure of the city. Needed city services, like parks, libraries and road maintenance, are years behind in upkeep.

Roughly one-third of the city payroll has employees with annual salaries in excess of $100,000 to $200,000 with pensions and medical plans to match.

A conflict of interest arises when city employee unions, through their independent expenditure committees, dole out thousands of dollars to their favorite candidates.

If you feel the need to be actively involved, we invite you to go to our website, www.glendalecacoalition.org and attend one of our meetings.

Mike Mohill

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