Letter: Developments will affect quality of life

Re: “Building boom expected to draw influx of renters,” Nov. 29. I was appalled to read of the nearly 4,000 rental units which are either built or under construction here in our city.

Twenty-one of these complexes are described as “multifamily,” which means not just young single business professionals but also families with children.

Not one word in this article addresses how the city of Glendale plans to supply the extra utilities needed for this influx of single people or families. I assume families will also include children of school ages — yet not one word of new schools being built.

I and my family have loved living in Glendale for more than 40 years, and while I understand that a city must grow or stagnate, I hate to see Glendale become a city of renters rather than a balance of homeowners and renters.

Having owned and operated four apartment buildings over the years, I learned that the majority of renters (not all) have very little interest in keeping their unit in good repair and not abusing property which they do not own.

I already find that when I need to shop for any kind of item, I am more and more going up to Montrose, La Crescenta or La Cañada where the traffic is more bearable.

Do our elected City Council members and city government really think that the quality of life for those of us who are living here, or the new residents to come will enjoy streets choked with traffic, stores crowded with long checkout lines, shortages of water, electricity and gas, larger numbers of children in classrooms? I don't think so.

Esther Bowen

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