Letter: Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ

It’s the traditional Christmas season in America, but sometimes you get the wrong impression from the “holiday” offering from the public and businesses. I like to ask the “holiday” people what, who or why are you celebrating this Christmas time? One common response would be “because it’s Christmas.” Fine, but also remember it’s that time of the year to recognize that the Christmas celebration is all about the birthday of Jesus Christ, the symbol of worldwide Christianity, and is a federal observance for everyone.

Today pressure is being brought to bear on public and even private schools, especially those with small budgets, to eliminate all Christmas carols and songs. Are those tunes hurting anyone? Children especially love to sing them.

Hey, for all those who are not Christian, you make the decision on how you are going to celebrate, in some way, the Christmas season. We all do it, no matter your religion or nonreligion.

Don Mazen

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