Letter: Public isn't interested in new tax

Re: “The revenue may justify the spending,” News-Press editorial, Dec. 14. Here we go again. The City Council wants you to tax yourself, give up your right to vote for city treasurer and city clerk, and also vote charter changes that will end their illegal transfer of money from GWP to the general fund. To add insult to injury they want to spend $80,000 to convince you this needs to be done.

Didn’t they get the message from the last election? I guess they think they can wear us down by constantly having these items on the ballot. Many years ago my political science professor told the class never vote to tax yourself and never give up your right to vote. To these two axioms I have also added: Never vote for an incumbent. If Mayor Weaver would allow us more than one minute for our public comments at the council meetings, we could save them the $80,000 by explaining our opposition to this.

David North

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