Letter: It's time for a greater understanding

The front page of the Glendale News-Press on Dec. 18 featured another article concerning the monument statue to the World War II “comfort women” — what an atrocious term.

Today it is not the victims but the perpetrators that cry out for our attention. As for me, I choose to stand with these brave suffering young girls rather than with debauchers. Take note, Mayor Weaver, you are being scrutinized.

The majority of the city council affirms the truth and that becomes a statement of intent for all of us. Bravo. It takes great courage to stand for what is right. Our new ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, went to pay respect to those that perished at Hiroshima. Would we seek a higher place for ourselves denying the devastation of the atom bomb?

Let us stand today with a greater understanding, wider compassion and more universal justice, empathy for us and them. Stop the hate today.

Tim Jagoe
La Crescenta

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