Letter: Consider banning this danger to public safety

As reported in your article recapping the news events of 2013, the Glendale City Council in March banned gun shows from the Civic Auditorium.

Quoting from your article, “Proponents of the ban said it’s an important symbol that shows Glendale does not support activities that can endanger public safety.”

The article also recounted the number of pedestrian deaths during the year (five, including one after the article was published), as well as the city's first murder since 2009.

So, in Glendale, during the past year, cars killed more people than guns. (In fact, no gun was used in the 2013 homicide.) Following the logic used for the gun show ban, perhaps the City Council should consider banning the annual car show on Brand Boulevard. Operating a motor vehicle, especially as it is practiced in Glendale, seems to be one of those “activities than can endanger public safety.”

Gene Aker
Los Angeles

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