Letter: Glendale isn't what it used to be

I have been a resident of Glendale of over 63 years and it’s unfortunate to see the continued erosion of what was once a very nice place to have grown up. Unfortunately it is no longer the place we all remember.

A rude and uncaring segment of the populace has made it a place that longtime Glendale residents would prefer not to be around. The world is a new place, but the simple lessons in life — respect, politeness and a concern for others — are not new, they are the basic tenets of life. At least that was the way I was reared.

The city is overly impacted. Apartment houses and low-cost housing are springing up where a single dwellings once existed, streets are crammed with cars, pedestrians are getting run over at a rate higher than any other city in the country. Say what you want, the statistics don’t lie. So how can we concerned citizens get others to think along the same lines?

Tim Ragus

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