Letter: Nothing wrong with the word 'Christmas'

Re: “A different perspective on the word Christmas,” Learning Matters column, Jan. 10. Merry Christmas means wishing one peace, joy and good will. What’s the matter with that? It’s neither a cuss word nor establishing, favoring or forcing a religion on anyone; and its meaning certainly shouldn’t offend anyone. It is endearing and traditional.

Why has it come to the point where there has to be a law (as in Texas) allowing teachers to say Merry Christmas? While Ms. Wagner believes it is secular, it has been a greeting since this country was established. It has been part of our heritage for over 200 years and contributed to the strong fabric of the American way. Christmas has been an integral part of the American makeup and has always been accepted by every American — until now.

Many immigrants of varying religions have come to this country for the American way of life, as did my grandparents. The American way of life has been established from Judeo-Christian values and principles. Adaptation to America’s customs and values should be embraced by all immigrants as it was during the turn of the 20th century. Instead, our American traditions and adored way of life is being eradicated in the name of religious freedom and “finding a common ground.” We are going a little too far in the effort to bring diversity. This kind of diversity does nothing more than to create division.

We are taking the separation of church and state too far. To keep the school board happy, perhaps we should also do away with the exchanging of gifts, a custom that emulates from gifts given to the Christ child. I am sure that it will be favored by merchants and the economy in general.

Vincent A. Ammirato

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