Letter: City leaders need to show fiscal restraint

The public has an opportunity to repeal the 7% utility users tax, which is located on one’s Glendale Water and Power utility bill and natural gas bill. A petition is being circulated throughout our city in which the public has a chance to regain control of their local government from the politicians. Enough is enough in taxes and in fees!

While struggling families and businesses are coping with today’s economy, our politicians lack fiscal responsibility.

From 2001 through 2012, Glendale’s population declined. During the same period, the city’s budget increased by a staggering amount. The City Council is currently proposing further increases in the city’s utility taxes as well as other taxes.

Because our city leaders are either unable or unwilling to control spending and manage resources, the people must take direct action to ensure they do so. Reducing city revenue will force our leaders to be more competent rather than perpetually seeking new ways to tax the public.

As usual, our politicians will use scare tactics against the uninformed public when claiming “they” need the money.

The collection of signatures neither supports nor opposes the utility users tax initiative. It simply places the initiative on the ballot and allows the voters to decide their future.

Mike Mohill

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