Letter: Movie icon truly loved city

Finally something in this city will honor one of the greatest film icons of our time. John Wayne was truly a dedicated Glendalian and loved this city.

I met John Wayne while paving the street in front of his Newport Beach home back in 1973. When he came out I casually mentioned to him that I was a student at Glendale High School. The next thing I knew I was invited in his home and having a sandwich. I was treated like a long lost cousin. He peppered me with questions about Glendale and Glendale High.

I remember seeing the joy in his face while reminiscing about this city. He truly loved the early years of his childhood that formed who he was during the rest of his life.

I remember a story his son Pat once told me. Pat was attending Loyola High School and playing football just like his dad. One day Loyola and Glendale High were matched up to play football and his dad always tried to make it to his games whenever his schedule would permit. After the game had started his dad showed up at the game, but to Pat's surprise, his dad was sitting on the Glendale High side visiting with old friends!

Foster S. Dennis

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