Letter: A tribute to Wayne at Central Park would be welcome

Why not put a separate statue, plaque or monument of Glendale notable John Wayne in Central Park, where locals and visitors from all walks of life and ages can view a positive memorial to his life — one contrasting with the park's, shall we say, more controversial comfort-women one?

Johnny Carson Park in Burbank, approximately the same size as Glendale's Central Park (even while the city itself has about half Glendale's population), has such a plaque, located along its World Trail exercise path. It reads: “In Memory of the fallen Astronauts lost Feb. 1, 2003.”

John Wayne ultimately “fell” to cancer-causing cigarette smoking, but, like each of those astronauts, he was still an All-American icon — one whose Glendale life's roots obviously ran deep.

Harvey Pearson
Los Feliz

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