Letter: Know the rules of the road and follow them

I keep reading about accidents, bad driving, fatalities, educating pedestrians, and attempts to address the enormous problem we have in our city regarding this subject. I just read in your paper that an Armenian organization is getting involved to try to educate citizens. Kudos to them. I also read that the daughter of the woman who was the latest victim stated that she believes that the problem is middle-aged drivers. I do not agree with that statement.

I've written to your paper before on this subject. Not to oversimplify this, but I believe that if everyone followed rules perhaps we could have an impact on this very serious problem.

This means no texting, no talking, no emailing while driving. No speeding, no trying to by pass someone illegally, stopping at red lights and stop signs, and basically, as I said, following the rules. As for pedestrians, education is needed. This means know what the rules are and be defensive.

Finally, we need to change those mind-sets that have a “me” entitlement. We need to respect each other and recognize that we are all in this together.

Katherine Wolfe

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