Letter: City could do a better job with saving water

I moved to Glendale last summer from Ohio, where water is plentiful, and have been observing with interest the water situation here in California where Gov. Brown just declared the state to be in an “extreme drought” situation. I'm trying to do my part for conservation by not running the dishwasher unless it's really full or washing that extra load of laundry. So, I was surprised yesterday when taking my daily walk to see a home sprinkler system watering the street and sidewalk with a broken sprinkler system. The water was literally running down the street and going into the storm sewer, not even coming close to its intended job.

Why does this city seem to be so concerned with keeping the landscape so lush and green? Glendale is part of Southern California, an arid environment. Shouldn't the landscape be reflected as such? Maybe it's time to get realistic about what to plant. There are many lovely, environmentally friendly ways to landscape property without the need for copious amounts of water, such as stones, ornamental rocks and cacti. This is not Ohio, Indiana or Michigan, why not embrace what is natural in this climate?

Patricia Koenig

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