Letter: City is wasting money on rail crossings

Re: “Alternatives for Doran rail crossing considered,” Feb. 8. Yet another article about just how dangerous the Doran rail crossing is. But the most interesting piece of information in the article is right at the beginning of the fourth paragraph: “All traffic crossings along the high-speed route (including our very own San Fernando corridor) will be required to have a flyover for safety” said Pat Somerville, project manager with HNTB, a Metro consultant.

I guess that means that the new “safe” rail crossings at Chevy Chase, Broadway/Brazil (still not completed), Fairmont, Grandview and Sonora will have to have flyovers built as well. Even after all of the funds spent to make them “safe.” More money wasted.

To make the Doran crossing even more interesting is the fact that the Broadway/Brazil crossing is still closed due to a huge planning debacle between Glendale and Los Angeles. And guess where the detour at the closed crossing sends you? Correct. The Doran Street crossing.

If the Doran Street crossing is really that dangerous then perhaps Glendale should loan Los Angeles the money to complete the Broadway/Brazil crossing? Just a thought.

Jim Kussman

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