Letter: Tips for the City Council

The 10 things list the Glendale City Council must work at.

10. The council members must start using their heads to see what Glendale truly needs.

9. Draft an ordinance to have every handicapped person's wheelchair to have a highly colored banner 2 to 3 feet in the air, so they'll be visible to everybody.

8. Enforce, enforce, enforce the smoking law.

7. Clean Glendale. Really clean it.

6. The city traffic lights are terribly “unsynchronized,” please fix them.

5. Have all the drivers of the city's vehicles obey the law.

4. All city council members must walk their beats.

3. City employees must stop having a bad attitude. Boy, they need a customer service course.

2. Stop overcrowding Glendale, now!

1. Elect the mayor, do not designate him/her.

Joe Zuazua

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