Letter: Dual-language programs could cause issues

I think it’s great that Glendale Unified School District will be adding dual-language programs to our high school, however I do have some questions about how the schools and the neighborhoods around them will be affected.

What is the current enrollment at the high schools versus the projected enrollment when the dual-language programs are in full swing? Will we have overcrowding and additional traffic issues like we have had at the elementary schools? Will more temporary classroom bungalows need to be added? Will more teachers need to be hired or will class sizes increase?

I would also like to know how the influx of new students from the more than 3,800 new apartments and condos currently being built in Glendale will impact all of our schools. Has this been discussed? Has a plan been established? Can our schools accommodate potentially more than 3,800 new students and the additional traffic that comes with them?

I’d like to hear how the Glendale school board and the City Council plan to address these issues now rather than later.

Patti Ring

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