Letter: Pedestrian safety needs to be addressed

I opened my auto insurance bill yesterday and nearly had a heart attack. I've driven approximately the same miles as the year before, and have had no moving violations, accidents or claims in the past 50 years, yet my insurance bill went up over $200. I called my insurance company to inquire about this sudden raise, and guess what? The reason for this will probably affect all drivers in Glendale. The agent explained that since Glendale had high pedestrian deaths and accidents, as well as high drivers' accidents, all drivers in Glendale insured by this company will have their bill skyrocket. I bet mine will not be the only company to raise rates.

Frankly I'm tired of all the talk and no results with this pedestrian situation. Kudos to the ANC who has set the model for us, so let's follow their example. Here are some ideas and I'm sure there are smart people out there who can think of more. First, stop the blame game. There is no single ethnic group that has these accidents. Second, let's find out where these pedestrians are heading and put up signs and have announcements to help them. Senior centers, churches, etc. can all help. Elderly people love to talk to their grandchildren so why not have all the Glendale high schools ask their students if they will help their grandparents to be sure to use crosswalks at stop signs, intersections and signals, and to be sure to look around at cars and what they're doing. Thanks for listening.

Diane Roberts

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