Letter: Police need to keep enforcing traffic laws

I wish to express my profound thanks to the Glendale Police Department for finally embarking into a serious traffic law enforcement program. I hope that this effort will continue and not be a temporary activity, as the dreadful drivers of Glendale do not learn civil behavior quickly. I also suggest that, in addition to ticketing “distracted drivers,” the police start enforcing the entire traffic law and include such violations as tailgating, unsafe and reckless lane changes, illegal exhaust system and lighting modifications of cars, etc. Also, institute a program addressing input by the residents for traffic problems and violations in their neighborhoods. The latter might also reveal some hot spots of traffic violations worthy of attention (such as Pacific and Cumberland, or perhaps Kenneth Road?) in the city.

Finally, can we also request that the Glendale Police Department ask that the California Highway Patrol pay a little more attention to the behavior of the aforementioned dreadful drivers of Glendale who also drive on the 134, 210 and 5 freeways?

Many thanks again.

Theodore Polychronis

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