Letter: Gadflies have a voice in the News-Press

Re: “Sign the petition to lower taxes,” Mailbag, Feb. 26. Thank you, Dolores Francis, for an exceptional presentation regarding the petition to repeal Glendale's 7% utility “water” tax. Now that the facts of this issue are being brought to light by those brave and selfless individuals, Zavos, Molano, Mohill, Allen, yourself and many others, voters can make an informed decision regarding how our elected officials spend our tax dollars.

I have been following the circumstances surrounding much of the “goings on” at City Hall by reading the News-Press, which is even-handed enough to print views and opinions in its mailbag forum. Thank you. Had it not been for your paper I would not have known about the loss of our traditional Christmas tree for the sake of a “holiday tree” (Don Mazen, Mailbag, Jan. 8). Common sense could have allowed for both if there was outcry from residents.

I take exception to the City Council for the rudeness brought forth at council meetings, which included such unforgettable quotes as, “If you don't like it get out of Glendale” and recently, “sue us.” I'm insulted by the disrespect shown me by elected officials, some of whom I had the ill-fated judgment to actually vote for.

Let's do something about it. Get out and vote.

Lou Fabbiano

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