Letter: A long laundry list of civic grievances

Southeast Glendale is not the “forgotten” land and the City Council must take this into account.

Our nation has several well-known racetracks. In Glendale there are two: Glenoaks Boulevard and the 1100 block of East Chevy Chase Drive. Please close them down, now!

The white elephant also known as the Adams Square fountain (what a waste of money) must be torn down. It is hazardous and ugly, at best.

The traffic laws are never enforced around Adams Square. Since the GPD is in need of funds, here is the solution: Ticket the roughly 50 drivers daily who turn right on red there, ignoring the sign that says “No Right Turn on Red.” That, plus issuing tickets for excessive speed, could be gold mine for the GPD. There are also U-turns made in the middle of the street and people regularly park in the red zones. Chief Castro, police presence is needed badly here.

The Adams Square library parking spaces are a trash dump and a dangerous zone at nights. Anybody to take care of this?.

The new “normal” for Glendale drivers is still driving and texting? When this going to stop? Hit them where it hurts, the pocket!.

The traffic lights all over Glendale are not synchronized. Is the city’s traffic engineer driving around Glendale and taking a firsthand look?.

A final thought: smoking laws must be enforced, please.

Joe Zuazua

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