Letter: Y's punching bags are going to waste

Re: “Pickleball picks up fans,” Weekend Edition, March 15 and 16. Sounds great. So today, pickleball can be played by not only Glendale members, but Los Feliz YMCA members on the roof of the Glendale YMCA. Now tomorrow, will the Glendale News-Press start being included with Los Feliz and Silver Lake residents'/Glendale denizens’ Los Angeles Times' subscriptions? I would obviously hope so myself.

By the way, there is also a boxing, etc. exercise room in the Glendale YMCA, located adjacent to the main gym itself. It not only has a boxing ring in it, but contains several punching bags of various resistant exercises as well.

The only trouble is that room is usually closed to such “just wanna punch-the-bag” exercisers because — or so I was informed — there is typically no watchdog supervisor assigned to watch over them. What a waste of would-be great exercise equipment!

Harvey Pearson
Los Feliz

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