Letter: People need to apply themselves

Ouch! The spectacle of how askew some people's mentality wanders really hurts.

We debate all minuscule aspects of everyday life, but ignore the downhill slide of our society which is, pushed by its own gravity, slowly but securely accelerating toward a big havoc similar to those which ended various civilizations and empires.

As a Christian, I believe in helping those who are genuinely in need. My observation which follows and the response is stimulated by reading contributions to the Forum emanating from various philosophies, from some welfare advocates to the more rational ones, but they all do not see the light. Study the history. The inevitable happens.

The only mollifying elixir we can apply is within ourselves. Here is my example. More than 50 years ago I immigrated to the USA, the land of opportunity at that time. I learned English, worked hard, provided for me and my family, and am now comfortably retired as a result of my hard work. I have never asked for any welfare, unemployment benefits or any other freebies. These freebies have grown immensely over the passing years, to the point where today three quarters of the budget are being spent to stimulate the evolution of philosophies like why should I work when I can get some of those countless freebies just by voting for those politicians who promulgate and pass such laws.

And that is the wrong direction for ourselves and for the United States of America.

Yul B. Draskovic

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