Letter: Sit out the season but not the team

Re: “New Dodger TV deal bad for fans,” Mailbag, April 9. Longtime Dodgers fan Robert Tarallo spoke for many of us in expressing his displeasure with the naked greed shown by the new owners of the Dodgers. They gave us hope for a fleeting season before showing their true, ugly, avaricious selves.

But I have to differ with his call to stop supporting the team. I'll bleed Dodger blue till I die. I hate what the new owners have done to the fans, but I stand with the players and the team. I won't buy Dodgers tickets, and I won't buy Dodgers merchandise. I'll watch games any way I can, and I'll bide my time until the owners change their ways or move on.

Wait till next year — that's something you learn as a Dodgers fan.

Michael Sloane


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