Letter: Floored by parking woes at GCC

There is a serious parking problem at Glendale Community College. The parking lots are always full because they sell more parking permits than there are spaces. I have to arrive at class three hours early just to find parking. On top of selling more semester permits than there are spaces, they sell daily permits for $3 to anyone that has $3, making the lots even more crowded. It’s not fair to students like me who buy their parking permits early because they have a schedule full of classes and need to be able to find parking in a timely manner.

A short-term solution would be to only sell the number of permits for which there are spaces, particularly for full-time students. Or break it up and sell the limited number of permits to daytime students and the same number of permits to nighttime students. Also, raise the price for a daily permit to $5. And once the school runs out of semester permits to sell, they should work with DOT to sell bus passes. A long-term solution would be one or two of the parking lots should be converted to parking structures, four or five levels of parking, increasing capacity as well as revenue, if the school is able to sell more permits. Perhaps a bond program could be devised to pay for it.

Nancy Sayadian

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