Letter: Attack on grass is a bit of an overkill

On Saturday, April 19, “weed abatement” began in Glenoaks Canyon as several men attacked property on the undeveloped ridge between the Canyon and Eagle Rock. I watched one man cutting green grass down to the surface of the ground. Nothing remained when he finished.

The pamphlet issued by the Glendale Fire Prevention Bureau on “Fire Hazard Reduction Guidelines” states that, for areas 30 to 100 feet from the house: “Grasses and small shrubs may be left as high as 18 inches from the ground on steep slopes for slope stability purposes.” The grass clearance I witnessed was being performed on a steep slope more than 100 feet from the nearest house.

Isn’t April a bit early for clearing grass and shrubs in the hills? I know we are in a drought, but the 10 inches of rain that has fallen this season in Glenoaks Canyon is enough to support a flourishing Garden of Eden in our hills this April. Why not let the rabbits, squirrels, and deer feast on this abundance for a few more weeks? Also, why not let walkers and cyclists enjoy for awhile longer the hills’ vibrant beauty, which is spread for us every April?

Gerry Rankin

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