Letter: Forget Rockhaven, fix up Deukmejian

Glendale city officials suggest preservation of the Rockhaven property and played the same game with the Deukmejian property.

Have you been up to that park? It is currently in pretty sad shape, neglected by the city. I don't think Jess Duran, the director of Community Services and Parks, has any idea as to how unkempt that facility is. It’s like out of sight, out of mind.

If the Rockhaven property does receive the attention to bring it up to the necessary standards, will it later be neglected by Parks and Recreation? Let’s be honest. It will take more than one person to maintain the property correctly.

Let’s stop buying property in the guise of saving historical places and instead work to bring back the places we taxpayers spent fortunes on to the standards expected of the great city we know.

Edward P. Fortier
La Crescenta

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