New real estate website Skupit allows prospective home buyers to make an offer

Like some of the bigger real estate websites, Skupit has home listings, but it affords buyers one step in addition to browsing — the ability to make an offer.

Launched last month and headquartered in Glendale, the website is the brainchild of local native Michael Kiaman, who is also a former realtor.

He said his website’s approach lets home buyers make an offer for free online without recruiting the services of a buyer’s side agent.

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“We’re connecting the discovery [of a home] to actually placing an offer,” Kiaman said.

And those offers could end up being more attractive.

Having no buyer’s side agent could leave a larger commission for the listing agent, who’s representing the seller, he said.

On top of that, Skupit makes it possible for a listing agent to represent the buyer, Kiaman added.

“The listing agent has more control to make sure the transaction is closed by representing the buyer as well versus having different representation for the buyer… Representing the buyer and seller increases the likelihood of a transaction closing,” he said.

With a listing agent able to vet buyers, deals are less likely to fall through, Kiaman said.

Kiaman said Skupit only has residential listings and is primarily featuring Los Angeles properties for now, but expansion to all of California is expected within a year and nationwide in about two years.

John Maseredjian, vice president of JohnHart Real Estate in Glendale, said his listings have been getting a lot more offers, creating a bidding war, since he started using Skupit.

He said his industry has been lagging when it comes to tech advancements.

“Technology has been held back for so long, [Skupit] is a step toward a more efficient manner,” Maseredjian said.


Arin Mikailian,

Twitter: @ArinMikailian