Schools closed in South Orange County

Capistrano Unified School District schools are closed Friday due to the San Diego Gas & Electric power outage affecting South Orange County.

"The district, like many school districts serviced by San Diego Gas & Electric, has decided to cancel classes for its students," a statement on the district's website said. "A decision regarding Friday evening sporting events has not yet been made."

Supt. Joe Farley decided to cancel classes after authorities told the district that there was no guarantee that power would come back Friday.

"We are sorry for the obvious inconvenience to our working families, but it is clearly not proper to have students in school without electricity to power key systems including lights, refrigeration, and computers," Farley said in the statement.

The district said they expect power to be back on Monday.

For more information, call the district's hotline at (949) 234-5575 or visit

—Joanna Clay

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