On waking up America

Today there was a strange, frightening letter about Occupy Wall Street. Its content was frightening because it was so naïve (“Occupy Wall Street a cause for concern,” Nov. 8).

The writer says the movement does not speak well for the future of our country. That is right! When there are no jobs available because of the greedy corporations and politicians that have taken those available jobs to other countries, self-reliance and hard work go out the window.

Ask those same hard-working, self-reliant people who have been fired from their jobs and have been searching for new work for some time now. Or ask the veterans who survived the illegal wars and came home to joblessness.

The next word that is frightening is “disobedience,” and then the writer expects our president to condemn the Occupy actions.

No one called the last president, who played a very destructive hand in our failed economy, a community organizer.

Wake up, America! Wake up to the facts. Find out for yourself — don't buy into the media as a means of information. You will find only what they want you to know.

Sam Younghans


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