Mailbag: Laguna restaurant in wrong neighborhood

Re. "New Laguna eatery gets a tentative OK pending a traffic study," (March 1): This is a perfect example of a good idea but in an egregiously wrong, totally inappropriate location. It's getting a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption because the footprint is the same, yet it increases density of use from 56 to 89 occupants.

We in the land-use field call it "too much program," too much activity at a choke point. The vicinity is already under-parked, streets are difficult to access, and now they'll try to cram yet more vehicles and pedestrians than the previous restaurant did, into our neighborhood.

First and foremost, a Laguna treasure, Dizz's, will have its staff, its patrons, plus residents and their guests who rely on street parking, displaced without mitigation. And for what, another tony bar, restaurant and nightclub seeking a toehold, shoe-horned into an already-failed location?

We have enough noise with regular traffic flows. Add increased air pollution from cars idling while the valets scurry around, while crimped through-traffic backs up.

Doubling down on an already-fatally flawed location, those seeking to avoid valet parking, shuttles and/or trolley service will take Coast Highway and Upper Victoria spaces. More parked cars equals cluttered visibility, potentially increasing the risk of accidents.

Roger E. Bütow

Laguna Beach


Pilot wrong to publicize DUI crash

Re. "Mariners Elementary teacher on leave after DUI arrest," (March 6): I read with interest the story on the Mariners Elementary teacher who unfortunately was arrested for a DUI. You even included her picture.

If she is found not guilty will you retract the story? If so, it's too late. She's already been tried in your paper. I will look forward to future stories on local doctors, police and fire personnel, prominent business people, ministers, and, egads, Daily Pilot employees getting DUIs. You owe the woman an apology.

David Martinson

Costa Mesa


Silent majority is really neither

Regarding the comment about the upcoming pro-Trump march of "the silent majority:" They never were "silent." They aren't a "majority. The word "the" works.

Madeline Porter

Costa Mesa


Piece captured Laguna's personality

Re. "Welcome to Laguna Beach — here are a few pointers," March 8: I thoroughly enjoyed David Hansen's piece on posted cautions to those who visit Laguna. Not only did his humor come through, but so did his affection for Laguna Beach!

Liz Swiertz Newman

Newport Beach


How about healthcare for the masses?

Profits from patients is an unholy act. People need care and that's the fact.

Nevertheless, moguls prevail, hospitals and doctors amount to sales. CEOs make plenty, we see, but what about healthcare for you and for me?

Ben Miles

Huntington Beach