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Let’s hope and pray this mass shooting is the last mass shooting

Because millions of people visit Las Vegas each year, I felt it imperative that a letter be written regarding the most hideous and sick action an individual is capable of doing.

The mass shooting at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino victimizing innocent people attending a nearby country music festival is the deadliest mass shooting in modern America.

Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old suspected shooter, was, according to his brother, “just a guy who liked to gamble.” We may never find out the true reason why Paddock, who was a licensed pilot with two planes, allegedly decided to make war on people just trying to enjoy themselves at a social outing.

These are troubled times for many people, some of whom can’t function in society and go off the deep end.

Let’s just hope and pray that there aren’t other deeply troubled people nearing the catalyst that will send them past the edge of their conscience, looking to set yet another sick record of putting down innocent people.

Bill Spitalnick

Newport Beach

District needs to choose map that will stave off lawsuit

Re. “Committee-backed Newport-Mesa trustee map gets support at public meeting,” (Sept. 30): Reading of the dispute regarding the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Board of Trustees’ districting map, versus the map proposed by a citizens’ committee, I say the choice is clear: Adopt the citizens’ map, which matches legislative requirements of the California Voting Rights Act.

This is how the district can avoid a lawsuit. The citizens' map Includes broad community representation, respecting the intent of the law.


For the record: An earlier version of this letter made reference to West Newport when, in fact, it was intended to be West Costa Mesa.


I suspect that the trustees’ choice of MAP G — giving the Corona del Mar Area 4 some 46,000 voters, but West Costa Mesa only 16,000 — was created to protect incumbents. It is not based on fairness, therefore, in my opinion it’s open to a lawsuit.

As a teacher for 39 years, I know the classroom needs the money that would have to be spent on a needless lawsuit the district will lose.

According to the the Californian School Boards Assn., school trustees are charged with “providing community leadership as advocates for children, the school district and public schools.” I will look for trustee candidates who match this mission next election.

Carrie Slayback

Newport Beach

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