Despite councilman’s misgivings, Reagan statue belongs in the Civic Center

Despite councilman’s misgivings, Reagan statue belongs in the Civic Center
The Ronald Reagan statue was dedicated in 2011 at Bonita Canyon Sports Park in Newport Beach. The artwork will get a new home this year among the sculptures at Civic Center Park. (File photo)

In his diary, President Ronald Reagan was quoted as saying, “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.” Newport Beach Councilman Jeff Herdman’s April 17 letter, “Reagan statue influenced my vote on arts’ package,” is proof that Reagan was right.

In 2011, private funds were raised by former Councilman Keith Curry for a statue of Reagan in Newport Beach. Led by a column written by former Daily Pilot Editor Bill Lobdell, the Democrat-dominated Newport Beach City Arts Commission objected, arguing the process was circumvented because they are responsible for determining "appropriate" art in Newport.


President Reagan's opponents went nuts when Curry suggested locating it at the new Civic Center. The council blinked. The beautiful, bronze statue was eventually dedicated in late 2011, in a dark cul-de-sac near a public bathroom, where it was later vandalized.

Recently, Mayor Kevin Muldoon and the current City Council voted 5-1 to relocate Reagan's statue to the Civic Center. Herdman opposed the move because there were "just too many unanswered questions."

Sound familiar? Imagine if President Reagan had taken Herdman's wait-and-see position when he broke the back of Communism.

Mike Schroeder

Newport Beach

The writer is past chairman of the California Republican Party.

Peotter keeps changing his mind

Wow, the recall effort is only a few weeks old, and already Councilman Scott Peotter has had four positions. First, he said the recall was to inhibit his "free speech." When one considers that Peotter's own extraordinary efforts to prevent residents from circulating petitions on the Museum House project was the greatest denial of free speech in recent city history, that argument quickly went away.

Then he said it was about him "keeping his promises" to cut city spending. But the record shows that under Peotter, pension liabilities and the operating budget are up millions and we now run the sewer system at a structural deficit.

Next he hooked up with Democrat Bob Rush as his chairman and claimed he was being recalled because he was "politically incorrect." Well yes, not publicly opposing the racist Farsi campaign signs targeting former candidate Fred Ameri, opposing the city sexual harassment prevention policy and insulting residents who speak before the council is politically incorrect, but it is also unacceptable behavior as a member of the City Council.

Who knows what Peotter's slogan will be tomorrow? Here are some we know he won't be using: "Scott Peotter: Working to reduce traffic and improve our quality of life," "Scott Peotter: champion of parks and libraries," "Scott Peotter: He respects the public."

It's time for a change on the City Council.

Richard C. Ingold

Newport Beach

Cheerleaders for Brown, Democrats

The California Budget for 2012 was $90 billion. The California Budget for 2017 is $122.5 billion. Our water infrastructure is no better, the roads are still in disrepair and there has been no improvement to our education system.

My question is where is our media? Every time I open the Los Angeles Times, there is nothing but praise for Gov. Jerry Brown and the rest of our Democratic leaders.

Where is the accountability? When are our citizens going to finally hold our leaders accountable for their actions, or in our case, inaction?

By the way, our most recent tax increase is 12 cents a gallon for gas, and an additional $100 fee for electric cars, and surprise, the press is all for it. Way to go, our press and Gov. Brown, always looking out for the citizens of our great state.

Juli Hayden

Newport Beach

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