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Documented gang member suspected of selling heroin, meth out of Glendale home

Police caught a documented gang member selling heroin and methamphetamine last week out of his Glendale home, where he kept two guns, one of which was stolen, authorities said. Undercover detectives set up surveillance at the man’s Glendale home, located on the 500 block of Myrtle Street, after...


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Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy serves up sweep of rival Harvard-Westlake

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Music Preview: Jeffrey Kahane launches his farewell at the Alex


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  • Mailbag: Repair money went to CalPERS

    Re: "Starbird, sons, sue city over sidewalk," Sept. 17. On Sept. 13 I came before Glendale City Council to inform the public that the former city manager, Jim Starbird, had filed a $1-million claim against the city. Starbird claims that while pushing his wife in a wheelchair "the chair hit an uplifted...

  • Mailbag: Confusion over march madness

    I am baffled as to how any neighbors near Hoover High School can possibly complain about the marching band's practice hours. I have lived within half a block of the Hoover High School complex for the past 40 years. My daughter graduated from Hoover and participated in the Drill Team. I remember...

  • Mailbag: Noise naysayers are tone deaf

    Mailbag: Noise naysayers are tone deaf

    As a community member who is directly affected by the noise issue with the Hoover High marching band, it was with interest that I read both the article and correspondence relating to the same article. I found school board member Greg Krikorian's grandstanding remark, "We can"t stifle everything...

  • Mailbag: Thoughts on the burqini ban

    Mailbag: Thoughts on the burqini ban

    Re: "Burqini bans raise questions of motive," In Theory, Aug. 24. There is more to this issue than the column discusses. In a perfect world no one would tell women how to dress. This includes the Iranians who force both native and foreign women in their country to conform to a rigid dress code...


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