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Girl Scout paints mural for Columbus Elementary

When students arrive at Columbus Elementary School on Wednesday to start the new school year, they will have a new piece of art to admire while on the playground. On one of the walls on the handball court, a mural depicts six eagles of varying heights looking over a fence to watch a baseball game....


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Top 10 Teams of the Year: Dominance was calling card of Flintridge Prep girls’ cross-country

Life & Arts

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Seeing double — Shakepeare’s ‘As You Like It’ features 2 casts playing same roles


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  • Armenian history and stories should be studied and embraced

    Let’s talk about the millenniums of Armenian history, which are also the world’s history and American Armenian history. This history can be seen through American philanthropists aiding in the recovery from the Armenian Genocide, American politics carving Wilsonian Armenia and Americans fighting...

  • The case against Grayson repowering

    The case against Grayson repowering

    Glendale Water & Power has proposed building a large new gas plant in Glendale to replace the aging Grayson facility. They claim it is the best option to provide cheap, reliable electricity to Glendale. But in the current regulatory and market environment, a new gas plant makes little sense. No...

  • Story on Glendale Youth Alliance prompts tribute to those who brought it to life

    Story on Glendale Youth Alliance prompts tribute to those who brought it to life

    Re: “Life skills program wins top honor” (July 26) about the Glendale Youth Alliance (GYA). I was disappointed that the writer did not mention the founder of the program. In the early ’90s, civic leader Jack Quinn was visiting an at-risk program for teens. He asked one, what would it take to keep...

  • Readers write on homelessness, the Paris Accord and Trump calling Schiff ‘sleazy’

    Seeing the In Theory section on the topic of homelessness in a the July 12 News-Press reminded me of a conversation I had with a homeless man recently. He said what happened is that he was homeless but then he was able to get a Section 8 apartment, the program I believe is for impoverished people....


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