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Hoover football off and running


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With his TV show on hold, Adam Ferrara returns to standup

With his TV show on hold, Adam Ferrara returns to standup

For a lot of his fans, Adam Ferrara is known mainly for his acting roles on the acclaimed TV shows "Rescue Me" and "Nurse Jackie," and as a co-host behind the wheel of the American version of "Top Gear." But underneath all that, he thinks of himself first as a comic. Now that he's on his first...


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  • Mailbag: Fed up with school traffic

    I have been writing to the school board and talking to the police department for years now regarding the traffic on Doran Street when R.D. White Elementary School lets its students out for the day. It is getting ridiculous that nothing is being done to rectify this matter. Last Wednesday, the traffic...

  • Mailbag: No defense for Trump's offense

    Donald Trump's recent comment re: the 2nd Amendment, by insinuating supporters of that amendment could take things into their own hands regarding Hillary Clinton, has stepped over the line from presidential discourse into the realm of a dictatorial endorsement of violence. When coupled to his previous...

  • Commentary: Blunt criticism of the pro-pot initiative

    Something odd caught my attention recently about one of the voter initiatives we'll be voting on this fall. As Californians, we're a little inured to seeing these initiatives each election, and this year is no different. Seventeen have already qualified for the November ballot, and more could follow....

  • Mailbag: Letter sidesteps bigger issues

    This is in response to Mike Gomez' Aug. 5 letter to the editor, "Are dogs now allowed in Galleria?" First of all, as a dog lover, I'm pleased that the dog policy at the Galleria has changed, but displeased that irresponsible dog owners make it tougher for the rest of us by not cleaning up after...


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