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Joal Ryan and Shant Sahakian face off for Glendale school board seat

Glendale school board candidates Joal Ryan and Shant Sahakian are vying for a seat to represent District D, which encompasses southeast Glendale, an area that stretches from Adams Hill to Chevy Chase Canyon, leading up to the April 4 election. For Ryan, among the most pressing issues facing the...


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Fabian lifts Glendale softball to win over Burbank in league opener

Life & Arts

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Ministry guitarist Sinhue ‘Sin’ Quirin hopes to inspire youngsters in his hometown


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  • Op-Ed: Transportation policy in need of radical thinking

    With local elections upon us, all concerned citizens should be attending the various forums around town and asking the candidates their most pressing concerns. One of the most important issues in Glendale right now is transportation and safety. However, for Glendale and Los Angeles in general,...

  • Mailbag: A sincere thanks to a Glendale Waste Management driver

    I would like to give a shout out to an employee of Glendale Waste Management. I was struggling this morning to get my heavy green container to the curb. Alex Guerrero was picking up nearby containers when he saw what a difficult time I was having. He drove his truck forward to my curbside, stopped,...

  • Guest Column: An overview of district-based elections

    Guest Column: An overview of district-based elections

    It seems like the 2016 presidential election was just yesterday, and we're already gearing up for Glendale's General Municipal Election on April 4. This will be one with a lot of offices up for election and a ballot initiative for voters to consider. But there's more: For the first time in Glendale's...

  • Op-Ed: Fairness is key to small business success

    Op-Ed: Fairness is key to small business success

    When I walk, drive or ride my bike down the street, whether here at home or in Sacramento, I love to observe the character of the surrounding neighborhood, taking note of what gives the area its unique flavor. Certainly it starts with the people. Here in the 43rd District we have a wonderfully...


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