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Weekly Football Previews: League titles on line for St. Francis, Crescenta Valley

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Medium looks to connect at Colony Theatre


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  • Mailbag: Enjoying post-ballot elation

    I just completed my Vote by Mail ballot for the Nov. 8 election. I'm a little dazed, partly because the Official Voter Information Guide is 223 pages long, but also because of the many mailers, L.A. Times printed letters and opinions, fliers left on our doorstep, Internet coverage, speeches, TV...

  • Mailbag: Griem's lost innocence

    In the In Theory column, the Rev. Bryan Griem once again preaches his brand of purity to us, and I imagine his congregation, not only for how we should worship but also, in his latest screed, how we should express our patriotism for our country. Here are a few of his choice phrases I'd like to...

  • Mailbag: Citing illegally tinted car windows will improve pedestrian and traffic safety

    The concern in Glendale for pedestrian and traffic safety presents a question: Why are so many cars allowed tinted front windows and why are the drivers of these vehicles not being cited? How is one to recognize driver distraction, be it texting or otherwise, if all is hidden behind darkened windows?...

  • Mailbag: Mayor helps ring in 100th

    On Sept. 21, our neighborhood celebrated the 100th birthday of Violet Harrington, who is de facto grandmother to all of her neighbors and friends due to her unconditional love for all of us. She was touched to receive commendation and congratulations from the mayor of the city of Glendale, Paula...


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