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Glendale to absorb more than $30,000 in unclaimed checks if they’re not cashed by August

There are currently 215 unclaimed checks issued by the city of Glendale dating back to 2013, and officials are asking those named to collect the more than $30,000 before the city absorbs it into its General Fund.

The unclaimed checks range from as little as $15 to as much as $11,000, altogether totaling $34,453.07. Payments considered unclaimed by the city are those that are not cashed within six months after the date of issue.

The city’s finance department has held the payments since 2013. As allowed by California law, they will become official property of the city on Aug. 8.

The August deadline follows the recent publication of a formal notice by the city for the unclaimed checks.

According to city spokesman Tom Lorenz, the checks are normally issued to individuals or companies for grants, refunds, overpayments, low-income housing and special events, among others services.

“More often than not, the company has folded or changed hands, people move, forget and lose checks,” Lorenz said.

Persons who believe they are the payee of an unclaimed check can call accounts payable in the city’s finance department, (818) 548-3907, or visit the city’s website, where a list of all 215 names is available.

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