Mailbag: Worry about children born to unfit mothers

Re. Commentary: Choice? Not for the aborted babies (June 22): Instead of worrying about the microscopic cells that sometimes adhere to the womb, perhaps letter writer Terry McDermott should take up the cause of all those children who were given life but were then killed by parents who should have had access to legal abortions.

We allow women who are unfit to be mothers to have children. Those children are often killed by those mothers and their unfit husbands and boyfriends. Those are the "children" McDermott should be concerned about.

Abortion is not an easy decision, but sometimes it is the right decision.

Myra Neben



Catholic attacks on healthcare

Since the Catholic Church has been unable to mandate women's reproductive rights using the ballot box, it has brought out the big ammunition: money.

The idea is it buys controlling interest in a local hospital. Women then must comply with religious mandates set forth by men or go elsewhere.

Mike Buettell

Balboa Island


Good reporting

Re. Hospital's ban on abortion tied to deal with Catholic provider (June 20): Daily Pilot reporter Jill Cowan and Los Angeles Times reporter Anna Gorman did a marvelous job of penetrating the thicket that surrounds the affiliation of Hoag Hospital and St. Joseph Health.

I've been researching it myself for some time using the attorney general's reports and news stories, so I can appreciate all the work they had to do to cut through the obfuscation. Their interviewing was, to my mind, the key to getting to the core issues hidden in the information Hoag had to give, by law, to the attorney general.

Tom Egan

Costa Mesa


Medical, biblical separation

Making Hoag Hospital conform to the arbitrary rules of St. Joseph Health is completely absurd and improper.

Letting religious biases control hospital regulations is as absurd as requiring that national laws agree with biblical rules. That is one huge step backward.

Jerome W. Parks

Newport Beach

Rude men, offensive signs

I am curious. Who are these older, creepy men who appear at women's health rallies holding extremely graphic photos of "aborted" fetuses?

Their signs are huge and offensive, and the men are in your face. They are rude and obnoxious and have nothing intellectual to say. These people ruin any credibility that this side of the issue might have enjoyed. Don't they have anything else to do?

Linda Morgan

Costa Mesa

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