Pet of the Week

With summer here, it is fitting to feature a dog whose nature is synonymous with playfulness.

Patrick, who arrived as a stray, is a dachshund mix and a classic example of the breed's appearance as well as temperament. Doxies are known for liveliness and loyalty, making them great family dogs. Originally bred to chase badgers, today's version still pursues interesting scents with considerable determination. Patrick is no exception and loves to "track" on his walks, pulling with surprising strength for 25 pounds.

He would benefit from further training to channel that enthusiasm.

Judged to be about 6 years old, Patrick is friendly with people and other dogs — eager to meet any and all. Aside from periodontal disease that may require extractions, he is healthy and will be neutered upon adoption.

His fees are discounted 25% all week when this announcement is mentioned. For more information, call (714) 536-8480 or visit

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