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15 Popular Tools and Their Uses

15 Popular Tools and Their Uses

Whether you are moving to a new place or planning to modernize your existing home, buying tools for various daily uses can be challenging. Since you will find a lot of diversity in tools, it is common to overlook some of the more vital ones.

Hand tools (or just tools without a qualifier) are a necessity, and you need them to carry out different routine tasks. People have been using tools since the origin of human life on this planet. Though the nature of tools has evolved over time, the need for them is still there. Here is a list of 15 top tools and their uses to make your life simpler.


You can find screwdrivers in different sizes and shapes. It's a must-have tool in your utility kit. You will need screwdrivers to screw or unscrew nails, install light switches, tighten hinges, or assemble furniture.


Almost every household has pliers; if you don’t already have one (or several), prioritize spending your tool budget on a pair right away. Pliers help hold different objects firmly, remove unwanted elements, cut or straighten wires, remove nails and needles, or bend other materials.


The wrench is a must-have to grip and turn objects. Whether you want to do at-home bike repairs, do some plumbing jobs, or need help in assembling furniture, a wrench will come in handy.

Hand Saw

Whether you are someone who loves sawing or are a skilled contractor, a top-class hand saw should be there in your collection. You can cut pipes, plywood, wallboard, trees, drywall, twigs, and branches easily with the help of a sharp and durable hand saw.


Hammers are designed to put high-force on a smaller and designated area. Hammers come in handy for driving nails or performing demo work, and you'll be hard-pressed to finish a job without one.

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a specialty tool used to apply a specific amount of force to fastener screws, nuts, or bolts. When the tightness of screws and nuts is crucial, you will need a torque wrench as it allows the operator to set the torque applied.

Stud Finders

When you need to hang weighty things on the wall, stud finders will help you locate where to drill instantly. Thus, by having this tool, you will not end up creating extra holes. They use different types of technology to detect the perfect spot to locate nails or screws.


Having a power or hand drill in your household utility kit can save you from a lot of hassles. Choose one depending on the usage, power source, speed, and other features to match your needs. Drills are an efficient alternative to hammers and help in making more precise holes, which means your nails aren't as likely to end up damaged.


Ratchets are handles that snap into a socket through the drive connector. They typically feature levers or dials that prevent the socket from moving when turned clockwise or counterclockwise, allowing the socket to turn the bolt or nut without requiring the user to turn the handle all the way around.

Utility Knife

This common household tool can be used for hundreds of tasks. Utility Knives are commonly used to open up gift boxes, scrape dried glue off hard surfaces, or score glass before breaking it.


If you are a professional carpenter or a DIYer, jigsaws can be of great help to cut out shapes and curves in wood with a narrow, sharp blade. The sharp teeth of the blade are measured in TPI, or teeth per inch. The higher the TPI, the smoother the cut.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is a flexible ruler that is used to measure the distance or size of different objects. These are usually ribbons of cloth, a retractable metal strip with measurements, or fiberglass rulers.

Belt Sander

Belt sanders are used for sanding rough surfaces, trimming, leveling, freehand shaping, and rounding. Essentially, they'll save you time when you need to apply sandpaper to a finish.

Pipe Wrenches

The pipe wrench is the perfect tool to hold or turn objects commonly encountered in plumbing, such as circular bars and pipes. These are a specialized version of the adjustable wrench; the distinctive shape pairs serrated jaws with a straight handle to create a strong grip.

Circular Saw

The circular saw is a useful addition to the DIYer’s toolkit. It is most commonly used to make cuts on lumber, plastic, or metal in a straight line. A circular saw can be handheld or mounted to a machine.

Wrapping Up!

Whether you want to buy a few or all of these tools, knowing how they're used is always important. This way, you can be more efficient with acquiring the right tools for the job.

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