Chile’s Colo Colo tells its history in new comic book

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Chilean soccer club Colo Colo launched Monday a comic book recounting its history in images, including milestones such as the 1991 Copa Libertadores victory, the team’s founding in 1925 and the undefeated championship season of 1941.

The book, which is already in bookstores, likewise brings together interesting anecdotes, personalities and statistics from the near-century of Colo Colo’s existence.

“Colo Colo, el comic del Cacique,” a publication of Hueders and the ProCultura Foundation, is illustrated by Alen Lauzan with text and captions by Sebastian Olivero, Rafael Lopez and Carlos Reyes.


“This book values Colo Colo as part of the national patrimony and is an invitation to learn and transmit its history, to continue uniting generations, from the old to the new and, certainly, those that are to come,” ProCultura executive director Alberto Larrain said.

Colo Colo was founded on April 19, 1925, by former Deportivo Magallanes player David Arellano and several of his erstwhile teammates.