Gillibrand officially announces Democratic presidential candidacy


Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York on Sunday officially announced her 2020 candidacy for her party’s presidential nomination in a video posted on the social networks titled “Brave Wins.”

Gillibrand thus joins the ever-lengthening list of Democratic politicians who have announced their candidacies for the party’s presidential nod and who will face off in the primaries.

“Brave doesn’t ... spread hate, cloud truth, build a wall,” Gillibrand - an outspoken critic of the Donald Trump administration - said in the video. “That’s what fear does.”


Gillibrand had announced in January her intention to run for president in a television interview, after which she traveled to some of the country’s most important electoral regions.

“It’s taking on the corruption and greed in Washington” that would be the main theme of her campaign, Gillibrand said on the popular “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Jan. 15. “Taking on the special interests that write legislation in the dead of night. And I know that I have the compassion, the courage, and the fearless determination to get that done.”

At the end of the video released on Sunday, Gillibrand announced a rally scheduled for March 24 in front of Trump International Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

“I’m fighting for an America where we lead with bravery and compassion, not fear and greed - and I’m taking that fight straight to President Trump’s doorstep,” said Gillibrand on her Facebook profile.

The 52-year-old politician is one of 14 people who have announced their candidacies for the Democratic presidential nomination, a field that includes six women and six senators.

However, it is expected that more Democrats will throw their hats into the ring, possibly including former Vice President Joe Biden , who on Saturday hinted that he might also join the field of contenders.

“I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the United (States presidency) ... anybody who would run,” Biden said, in an apparent verbal slip during a speech at a Delaware Democratic Party fundraising dinner.

According to the latest voter surveys by RealClear Politics, Biden has the support of the largest group of Democrats who say they intend to vote - 29 percent - followed by Bernie Sanders (22 percent), Kamala Harris (11.3 percent), Elizabeth Warren (7 percent) and Cory Booker (5.8 percent).

Besides those four senators, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Housing Secretary and ex-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro have also declared their intention to vie for the Democratic nomination.