Beyond the Cabinet

These are all the jobs Donald Trump has to fill

Every four years, the government publishes its list of more than 9,000 civil service jobs, ambassadorships and board positions - aka the "Plum Book ." Many of those positions are appointed by the executive branch, meaning President-elect Donald Trump and his administration will have a lot of work to do in the coming year.

The people who will fill 1,714 of these jobs, for example the ambassador to Fiji and Cabinet Positions like attorney general , are appointed by the president-elect (if he chooses to fill all of them). More than 1,200 of these positions require Senate approval . Other positions are tenured , which means they will not immediately be up for appointment. Explore the positions and key nominees.

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Sources: Government Printing Office’s Plum Book, G. Edward DeSeve/The Brookings Institution, Mark A. Abramson/Leadership Inc., Times reporting

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