Armand Emamdjomeh


Armand Emamdjomeh is a Web developer and visual journalist at the Los Angeles Times. When he's not behind a camera or keyboard, he can usually be seen exploring the streets of L.A. on his bicycle.

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  • Sunset in La Jolla
    Sunset in La Jolla

    Sunset pictures are easy. Interesting sunset photos are much harder. The two dogs might be the subject of this image by Nora Feddal, but the shape of the waves, which look like they're arranged in layers, on a La Jolla beach also add an interesting element. The reflection of the sunset...

  • Lupita's Fresh Seafood
    Lupita's Fresh Seafood

    I was sad to hear today that, after 26 years, Lupita's seafood stand in downtown L.A.'s Grand Central Market has closed. Today's post, from Salvador Vazquez, is an ode to the place that served up affordable seafood tacos, cocteles and caldo de siete mares. I have to say it...

  • Midnight on Mateo
    Midnight on Mateo

    It's not common to see night photographs in general, and even less common to see those in color. Maybe we should though -- with the high-contrast lighting conditions and unusual ways colors represent themselves in the dark, it's possible for a photographer with steady hands and a high...

  • The last days of summer
    The last days of summer

    I have to admit, I saw this photo, and was stunned. The two boys are obviously close, and it's a nearly perfect moment between the two of them. Photographer and mother Catherine Lacey Dodd gives a touching description of the end of summer and sending her kids off to school.

  • Cosmos

    Living in L.A., we're lucky if on a clear night we can see more stars than we can count on our fingers. It's easy to forget the immensity of the night sky when you're drowned in the vastness of the city.

  • August 2014: Best of Southern California Moments
    August 2014: Best of Southern California Moments

    To me, August is otherwise known as Almost Football Season. So it's no wonder that this month's photo set begins with an image of a high school football player practicing punts before the season begins.

  • Shadows

    At the risk of generalizing, I would say most people imagine photographs have to be crisp, clean images, always in focus. That's why we have auto-focus, fast films and high shutter speeds, right? 

  • Another look at Angel's Flight
    Another look at Angel's Flight

    When we think of Angel's Flight, we usually associate it with images of the iconic railcars that take passengers up and down Bunker Hill in downtown L.A.