Armand Emamdjomeh


Armand Emamdjomeh is a Web developer and visual journalist at the Los Angeles Times. When he's not behind a camera or keyboard, he can usually be seen exploring the streets of L.A. on his bicycle.

Recent Articles

  • The H.M.S. Zombie
    The H.M.S. Zombie

    "I wasn't exactly sure why these woman were dressed up as zombies," but that didn't stop Ric Berryman from turning his lens on the three women in this photo, taken aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach on Saturday.

  • 'Jesus saves'
    'Jesus saves'

    The iconic neon "Jesus saves" sign in downtown L.A. has quite the story. It was once part of the Church of the Open Door, then moved to the United Artists Theater, which served as the Los Angeles University Cathedral. Now the building that the sign sits on houses the Ace Hotel.

  • Fright night
    Fright night

    Halloween is always a blast for photogaphers. The night, the lights, the crazy costumes, all of it's made to produce some pretty out-of-this-world pictures. Droids in the metro? Zombies in Pershing Square? Anything is possible.

  • Sunset in La Jolla
    Sunset in La Jolla

    Sunset pictures are easy. Interesting sunset photos are much harder. The two dogs might be the subject of this image by Nora Feddal, but the shape of the waves, which look like they're arranged in layers, on a La Jolla beach also add an interesting element. The reflection of the sunset colors...

  • Lupita's Fresh Seafood
    Lupita's Fresh Seafood

    I was sad to hear today that, after 26 years, Lupita's seafood stand in downtown L.A.'s Grand Central Market has closed. Today's post, from Salvador Vazquez, is an ode to the place that served up affordable seafood tacos, cocteles and caldo de siete mares. I have to say it wasn't a very...

  • Midnight on Mateo
    Midnight on Mateo

    It's not common to see night photographs in general, and even less common to see those in color. Maybe we should though -- with the high-contrast lighting conditions and unusual ways colors represent themselves in the dark, it's possible for a photographer with steady hands and a high ISO to...