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Laguna Art Museum 307 Cliff Drive

(949) 494-8971 Open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Summer hours beginning Sunday: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Sunday through Wednesday; 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday and Saturday. Admission is $15 for adults and $12 for seniors, students and active military. Children younger than 12 are admitted free. Free admission on First Thursdays Art Walk nights. "Art Shack" Summer Pass available.

Current show: Opening Sunday: "Art Shack": 31 California artists create architectural environments.

Special events: 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday: "Art Shack" opening night party, with a live deejay, photo booth, cash bar and the opportunity to meet the artists. Tickets are $25 pre-sale, $30 at the door, free for museum members.

LAGUNA CANYON GALLERIES Laguna Canyon Artists 3251 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna College of Art & Design 2222 Laguna Canyon Road

(949) 376-6000 Gallery hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Admission free.

[seven-degrees] gallery 891 Laguna Canyon Road

(949) 376-1555 Southern California Artists Assn. 3251 Laguna Canyon Road F3

(949) 715-6767 "Water's Edge," recent oils and mixed media paintings by Katheryn Holt and Fredric Hope. Open by appointment and hours as scheduled. The show will close June 27.

Stara d' Arts Gallery/Showroom 3305 Laguna Canyon Road

(949) 376-9800 Hand-picked artifacts from around the globe.

NORTH COAST HIGHWAY GALLERIES 484 North Gallery 484 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 715-4578

Open noon to 6 p.m. daily.

Original paintings and vintage prints

AR4T — Artists Republic for Tomorrow 210 N. Coast Hwy. New gallery; opening exhibiton "Bread and Substance," works by the late Jeffrey Lin Anderson.

Arin Contemporary Art 350-352 N. Coast Hwy. Peter Fox and Charlotta Westergren.

Gallery McCollum 206 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-4027 Specializing in original landscape paintings of Italy and France, tropical and local scenes. Featuring Caroline Zimmermann, Patrick Tobin, David Solomon and Michael Obermeyer.

Sue Greenwood Fine Art 330 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 494-0669 JoAnneArtman Gallery 326 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 510-5481 "Surrender," featuring new works by international artist Rimi Yang.

Laguna North Gallery 376 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 494-4324

Lu Martin Galleries 372 N. Coast Hwy.

Open daily

(949) 494-8074 New paintings by 16 regional and international artists, including seascapes by Alfredo Gomez, kitchen still-lifes by Lu Martin, Tuscan landscapes by Donat Barbe, and abstracts by our newest artist, John Pugh.

Marion Meyer Contemporary Art 354 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-5442 "Ascension, Abstract Landscapes, Real and Imagined:" Paintings in various media by selected gallery artists

Candice Eisenfeld, Christopher Mathie, Lisa Lala and Sylvia Torres.

Quorum Art Gallery 374 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 494-4422

The Quorum Art Gallery, celebrating 45 years in Laguna Beach, exhibits the works of 12 members and one guest artist.

Rohrer Fine Art 346 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 494-8200

Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily Featuring a global spectrum of master works, antiquities and contemporary art.

"Global Synthesis," arts from around the globe, spanning both time and continents. A chorus of cultures and art gives voice to a world cloaked in mystery.

Sandstone Gallery 384A N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-6775

Open noon to 5 p.m. daily and Tuesday by appointment. "Landscapes: Real/Imagined," by Howard Hitchcock, with guest artist Kathleen Addams Mattrange. Also, "Beyond Isolation," a group show by Susan Volpe, Zoe Fischer and Susan Guardiola, and "Reflections" by Kay Flierl. Regular exhibitors include Marge Chapman, Jennifer Griffiths, Anne Moore, Marjorie Sanders and Lynn Welker.

Schaar Art Studio 305 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-7289

Call for appointment Studio 7 Gallery 384 N. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-1080 Open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily Whelan Galleries 353 N. Coast Hwy. No. A

(949) 494-5076 Showcasing original fine art oil paintings and rare classic book cover illustrations created by internationally known artist, Patrick Whelan. Sculpture by Leon Richman.

DOWNTOWN LAGUNA GALLERIES Art Cube Gallery 266 Forest Ave.

(949) 376-8800 "Mythos of Being": Solo exhibition by William Catling, 12 works blending sculpture with paint, wood, twigs, twine and found objects.

Peter Blake Gallery 435 Ocean Ave.

(949) 376-9994 "Submit," works by Jorg Dubin; plus new works by Gregg Renfrow.

Dawson Cole Fine Art 326 Glenneyre St.

(949) 497-4988 James Galindo, new paintings.

DeBilzan Gallery 224 Forest Ave.

(949) 494-2406 or (727) 804-7649 New mixed media paintings by abstract expressionist, William DeBilzan. Also featuring sculptures by Leslie Begert from Austin.

Endangered Planet Gallery 384 Forest Ave., Suite 13

Open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

(949) 497-5690

Fingerhut Gallery 210A Forest Ave.

(949) 376-6410

Artwork by current and 20th century masters.

Kush Fine Art 265 Forest Ave.

(949) 376-8017 Featuring the original oils, limited edition giclees on canvas and sculptures of Vladimir Kush and eight other artists.

William Merrill Gallery 611 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 464-0067

Miranda Galleries 417 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-4491 Miranda Galleries features international and contemporary artwork from all over the world, including an extensive collection of sculpture, fine art glass and works on canvas, as well as paper.

Pacific Edge Gallery 540 S. Coast Hwy., No. 112

(949) 494-0491

"The Best of Laguna," a group show featuring new original paintings by all four gallery artists: Maria Bertran, Tom Swimm, Sandra Jones Campbell and Brenda K. Bredvik.

The Signature Gallery Laguna 220 Forest Ave.

(949) 376-4244

www.thesignaturegallery Featuring contemporary masters and emerging talents.

Surf Gallery 911 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-9155

Swenson Fine Art 460 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-1122 Contemporary fine art gallery with a mixture of styles ranging from abstract to expressionism to realism. Also showcasing three-dimensional artists, working mainly in glass, wood and ceramic.

Townley Gallery 570 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 715-1860

Viszolay Gallery 577 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-0951

Oil paintings of Hawaii, and Laguna Beach, Catalina and other Southern California scenes by artist-in-residence Walter Viszolay. Reproductions available.

Wells Fargo Bank 260 Ocean Ave.

(949) 494-1145

Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free.

Festival of Arts "Preview 2010": work by 14 artists from the Festival of Arts on the third floor through June 24.

Whitney Gallery 305 Forest Ave.

(949) 497-4322

Open daily. SOUTH COAST HIGHWAY GALLERIES Artist Eye Laguna Gallery 1294-A S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-5898 Bluebird Gallery 1540 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-5377

Specializing in contemporary California Impressionist paintings. Featuring George Gallo, William Dorsey, Elaine Hughes, Joseph Aaron, Felice Hrovart and Martin Weekly.

La Bottega Dell'Acquaforte 1590 S. Coast Hwy. (949) 497-6690

A large variety of original etchings by internationally recognized Italian artists. Sculptures by Marie-Pierre Philippe-Lohezic, Chris Schulz, Edward Eyth and Margaret Tavares. Guest artist Boril Radoykov, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Deborah Carman Gallery Faux Paw Gallery

540 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 715-3555 Featuring the art and sculpture of Debby Carman, including paintings, graphics and ceramic animals, and decorative sculptures.

Larry Christy Studio Gallery 1496 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 463-4414 Featuring large field color abstract acrylics on canvas. Works matted on watercolor paper include seascapes, landscapes and figurative. Also pen, charcoal and wash, and still-life drawings.

Coolsville – Roark's Studio Gallery 2894 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-2048 Open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Specializing in underwater photography, "Liquescent" (becoming liquid), of dancers and more, by Roark Gourley. Also contemporary paintings and sculpture by Roark and Michelle Gourley, featured in such collections as the Wynn Encore.

The Cottage Gallery 1524 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-8932

"The Spirit in Art," a special show with each piece expressing the passion, soul, and spirituality of the artist.

Cove Gallery 1492 S. Coast Hwy. No. 8

(949) 494-1878

Classical style oils by Farshid Babazadeh and sculpture by artist team Maggi Leduc and Cherie Pohling. The gallery, a cooperative of 13 member artists, welcomes two guest exhibitors monthly (one painter and one three-dimensional artist), chosen by a jury system.

DeMossa Gallery 1294-D S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 715-9229

Open noon to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

DeRu's Fine Arts 1590 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-3785 "Impressionist Landscapes: California & Beyond."

Diana Ferrone Gallery 1999 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 715-1842 Joseph Wise Fine Art Gallery 1550 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-7902

Presenting dynamic contemporary and modern art, frescos and oil paintings; indoor and outdoor serpentine stone sculpture. Commissioned creations available for corporate and residential venues.

Kuhnert's Art Gallery 1493 Glenneyre St.

(949) 494-0676

Open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment Celebrating 26 years of featuring the original paintings, serigraphs, posters and digital prints of the internationally known artist Manfred H. Kuhnert.

Lang Fine Art The Art Center

1450 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 494-1397

Mandarin Fine Art Gallery 1294C S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-9608 Featuring an eclectic mix of some of mainland China's most accomplished artists. Zhao Kailin, Hu Jundi and Wang Niandong are displayed; also Asian antiques and designer jewelry.

Notion Fine Art 1590 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 793-4013 Exhibitions of contemporary representational fine art that includes an eclectic mix of painting, mixed media, sculpture and ceramics. Featuring Alia E. El-Bermani, Stefani Tewes, Maria White, Mike Regnier and Andrea Regnier.

purelagunabeach gallery 1590 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 315-5015 Featuring new work by painter Todd Kenyon. Also showing the photography of Tom Lamb and sculpture by Andrew Myers.

The Redfern Gallery 1540 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 497-3356 John Cosby's "Vistas of Tranquility."

Salt Fine Art 1492 S. Coast Hwy., Suite 3

(917) 957-3387 Specializing in Latin Contemporary, featuring internationally exhibited museum artists from master painters to emerging talent.

Lucas Rise, featured in "The Spectacle," functional sculpture from Buenos Aires.

Situ Art Gallery 1590 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-6703 Featuring fine contemporary art by Mian Situ, Andrew Peters, Ruo Li, Carole Cooke, Bi Wei, Dan Goozee, Zhuo S. Liang, Longyao Le, Sandy Scott, Robert Peters and Ralph Oberg.

SKYLAB Modern Art 1452 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-2400 Featuring new abstract works by contemporary artists Andy Anh Ha, Shea Guevara, and Kristen Neveu.

Vladimir Sokolov Gallery 1540 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 494-3633

Sokolov Gallery is celebrating its 30th year of business in Laguna Beach. Featuring new abstract expressionism and mixed media paintings by Vladimir Sokolov; acrylic paintings by Alexander Sokolov and laminated acrylic sculpture by Vasa.

Studio Arts Gallery At the Old Pottery Place

1200 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-1619 Caleb Siemon, glass works. Simple forms taking advantage of gravity and centrifugal force in their design.

Studio 7 Gallery – South 1590 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 715-0012 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily

The Vintage Poster 1476 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 376-7422 Watercolor Gallery 1492 S. Coast Hwy., Suite 7

(949) 494-8838

Bill Drysdale's "La Dolce Villa" series.

The Esther Wells Collection 1390 S. Coast Hwy.

(949) 494-2497

www.estherwellscollection. com "Three Sisters," works by Beverlee Warshawsky, Bracha (Barbara) Fox and Latife Kahraman-Warshawsky (LCAD), benefiting Neve Ruchama Academy.

Wendt International 1550 S. Coast Hwy., Suite 102

(949) 497-4292 Wendt International is a leading gallery specializing in contemporary representational art.

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