On Theater: Four plays, five bucks

Something new will be added next weekend at the Newport Theater Arts Center. Four new somethings, in fact.

In a one-day-only presentation, the Orange County Playwrights Alliance will present staged readings of four one-act plays with a common theme — the importance of telling the truth and the consequences of avoiding it.

Curtain time for this singular event — scheduled for July 10 — is 3:30 p.m. and the suggested donation is $5. When was the last time you saw four plays for five bucks, even if they were staged readings with actors referring to scripts?

"Discoveries: Revelations & Rubicons," is comprised of the following five short productions, each described by its author or director:

• "The End of Lying" by Donna Baker. Trudy always knew she was a woman, even when she was a man. She's spent a lifetime trying to be honest with herself — but is she truly being honest with her 20-something son and the man she loves?

• "Obsession" by Colleen Bevacqua. When you're addicted or depressed, some will enable you and some will help you, but only you can get up and move forward. A stylized short drama about finding courage.

• "Be Honest" by Eric Eberwein. Olivia (a beautiful person and one of America's most trusted people) invites Julie (also a beautiful person and one of America's most beloved actresses) onto her talk show for the 12th time. Today will not be so beautiful, as a tabloid story will emerge. But there will be hope and applause.

• "Herman's Wedding" by John Franceschini. Barbara fears the worst as she visits Mom and Dad. She knows her parents are old-fashioned and clueless. How will they react when she tells them her grandson is marrying a man?

Directing these one-act plays will be Adam Ferry ("The End of Lying"), Tamiko Washington ("Obsession"), Tessa Jacobs ("Be Honest") and Bob Fetes ("Herman's Wedding"). The first three all are collegians; the fourth has worked at NTAC and the Long Beach Playhouse.

The playhouse is located at 2501 Cliff Drive in Newport Beach. Additional information is available by calling (714) 902-5716.

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