Let's settle this with push-ups, suing actor is told

IRVINE — The owner of an RV dealership being sued by actor Taylor Lautner is challenging the "Twilight" star to use his muscles to resolve the dispute.

Brent McMahon, 47, who owns McMahon's RV in Irvine, wants to compete with Lautner in a push-up contest to settle the breach of contract lawsuit that Lautner filed against him Aug. 23.

Lautner says the dealership failed to deliver a $300,000 customized RV on time for use as a dressing room on the set of the actor's latest film, according to the suit.

Once it was delivered, it needed additional work, he says.

McMahon says he installed all the upgrades requested by Lautner and his company. He claims the actor accepted delivery of the RV and never made any attempt to return it.

He denies any wrongdoing and says he and his attorney will vigorously defend the case in court if Lautner, 18, doesn't accept the challenge.

McMahon says Lautner's camp is seeking $40,000 to resolve the case. But, McMahon would rather settle the matter with a push-up contest. Whoever completes the most push-ups during the contest wins.

If he wins, McMahon says he will donate the settlement money to Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). He says he is also working to obtain additional contributions from manufacturers and business contacts to add to the amount of the donation.

So far, no word from Lautner or his attorneys.

Lautner gained fame for his role as Jacob Black in the "Twilight" movie series.

He is currently filming "Abduction" and will reprise his role as Black in the two-part "Twilight" finale.

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