Pet Of The Week

Mojoe is a 6-year-old Chihuahua. He is just a little guy; we put a cell phone down for scale. Mojoe is a very affectionate, loving dog. He is so funny that when you put him in the palm of your hand and scratch his back, he goes completely limp. His little eyes shut and his legs dangle from his body, and he makes a little moaning sound. He is tan and white with a corkscrew tail. He is easy to walk with a brisk little gait to his step.

Come meet our little Mojoe at the Orange County Humane Society, 21632 Newland St., Huntington Beach. It is kitten season again, and we are in need of wet cat food. Any donations will be given a receipt. Call (714) 536-8480 or visit our website at

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