Newport’s legislative platform affirms support for local control

A commercial airplane flies over homes along Upper Newport Bay in Newport Beach after taking off fro
Newport Beach plans to keep an eye on legislation involving aviation and John Wayne Airport.
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Newport Beach supports local, regional, federal and state legislation that will preserve local control and quality of life.

That’s according to the City Council’s legislative platform, which it updated Tuesday for the first time in six years with general and specific principles.

Broadly, the council stands behind local control, fiscal responsibility, private property rights and quality of life, along with legislation and funding that preserve safety, security and well-being in Newport, according to the platform.

At a more detailed level, the platform also establishes or affirms certain priorities:


  • Aviation: In addition to maintaining the longstanding settlement agreement regulating John Wayne Airport’s noise levels, capital improvements, commercial departures and number of annual passengers, the platform supports initiatives to study and mitigate planes’ effects on noise and air quality.
  • Land use: The platform emphasizes housing, including homelessness solutions, affordable housing and local input on the development of housing needs assessments. The section also highlights local control on matters of telecommunications infrastructure and short-term rentals.
  • Labor relations: An added line promotes “fiscally responsible public retirement benefits.”
  • Coastal resources and coastal zone: A new section supports efforts to protect and enhance public access and coastal resources while balancing property rights and local authority.

The city’s positions on fiscal stability, transportation and water and environmental quality are largely unchanged, generally reflecting local autonomy and avoidance of locally onerous mandates.

In conjunction with the updated platform, the council authorized the mayor to issue letters to elected officials reflecting the city’s position on bills or other proposals of interest.

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