Newport Beach approves $6.3-million contract for fire station at 28th Street and Newport Boulevard

The Lido Station at 32nd Street in Newport Beach is shown.
(Scott Smeltzer / Staff Photographer)

There’s going to be a new fire station on the corner of 28th Street and Newport Boulevard soon, now that the Newport Beach City Council approved a $6.3-million construction contract on Tuesday with Robert Clapper Construction Services in Rialto.

The new fire station near Lido Isle will replace the one on 32nd Street, which was built in 1952. City staff said that the station has outlived its service life and requires frequent repair. A proposed groundbreaking for the station is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 8.

Construction is scheduled to begin in January and is expected to be completed by May 2022.

The construction contract, along with the authorization for the preparation, sale and delivery of certificates of participation not to exceed $10 million, was approved unanimously with Councilman Kevin Muldoon’s recusal and Councilman Jeff Herdman absent.

Plans for the project currently include an apparatus bay with three doors, kitchen, day room, fitness areas, medical storage room, 30-person locker turnout, 10 dorm rooms, extractor room, washdown areas, on-site parking and a separate detached public restroom.

Construction on the project has already begun. It is in collaboration between the airport and Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach.

City staff said there would be improvements on the site along Newport Boulevard and installation of a new signal light.

Current estimates place the project at around $9.1 million, which includes the project design, incidentals, an alerting system, construction of the facility itself, a new traffic signal and a design contingency. The project will be financed through certificates of participation, which secures financing through lease payments.

The Newport Beach City Council approved a $6.3-million fire station to replace the Lido Station at 32nd Street.
The Newport Beach City Council approved a $6.3-million fire station to replace the Lido Station at 32nd Street.
(Scott Smeltzer / Staff Photographer)

The city will lease to and lease back from the Newport Beach Public Facilities Corp. the Corona del Mar and Santa Ana Heights fire stations, said deputy finance director Steve Montano. Both properties will be used to secure the COPs.

Th $9.1 million in project costs does not include the property cost, which the city paid $4 million for in January 2018.

“This is a long time coming and for many of us up on the council, this has been one of those projects we’ve been looking forward to getting to. It’s taken a while. It’s gotten to the point now where the financing is available,” said Mayor Will O’Neill.

O’Neill said he was thrilled that the city could set aside sufficient funding to allow for need-to-have projects.

“The fire station is a need-to-have project, especially when it was built in 1962 as a somewhat temporary station — it’s been really temporary,” he said, joking, “Like any good government project, it’s temporary until it’s permanent. Anyway, I’m really thrilled for this. I’m looking forward to seeing this.”

Councilman Brad Avery agreed, adding that he felt a lot of thought went into the project and that he was a “real fan” of the fire station.

“Another outstanding project is now getting started and will see completion and we’ll be proud of it as we are of all the major capital projects that our excellent public works staff is responsible for,” said Councilwoman Diane Dixon.

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